Monday, April 21, 2014

Gotcha Day : Noah

Goodness that sweet little face! Noah is the sweet boy you see up there. Today Noah is officially placed in his forever home with the Craig's. 

You might remember the Craig's from here // at the end of 2012 they brought home three amazing little girls to multiply their family. Goodness this family, they blow me away. They first had the two babies (Noah and Grace) and then when the court ordered the three girls (siblings) stay together they petitioned to bring all the girls home with them while also caring for a newborn Noah. The court granted their wish and for more than a year they fostered all four babies. Today - they are all officially family.

Noah, or Noahie Bear as I like to call him, has the sweetest spirit and sure knows how to love. 

Welcome home for GOOD, Noah. You are so loved little man!

I had to throw this last picture in there - Tanners foot flying, the little girls in their own world, the laughter - I love it all!

Happy Gotcha Day, Craig family

Friday, April 18, 2014

Raised Garden

Its finally here! This little space I have been wanting for quite a while now is FINALLY HERE! You'll remember a few years back I started gardening in hay bales. Though, that turned out really successful, I wasn't able to keep the hay bales more than one season of gardening and it turned out to be a lot more work than imagined. So, I did a lot of research - aka pinterest - to figure out what type of raised garden I would want in the future. I knew I wanted something a little different than the norm but also something that could be added to in the future if I out grew one bed.

I enlisted the help of Groggs Green Barn here in town and they came out to do an evaluation of my yard and size up the potential bed. Two weeks later we were ready for install!

Please dont judge the current state of my back yard - its bad now - but gonna be so good in the future!

I am so excited. The bed is an "L" shape and each leg is 10 X 3 and sits 12" high. 

This shape gives me a lot of options in the future - I could add a square bed in the bend of the "L" or add another "L" facing the opposite direction that would result in a large square of sorts. 

Right now I am just so excited to get some transplants in there and start growing. Looks like a lot of summer veggies will go in - peppers, beans, tomatoes, maybe some squashes, and cucumber! YAY

Any professional gardeners out there have tips?!?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Jamaican Vacation

Photography not only allows you to see some crazy things but takes you to some crazy places. Up until this trip it only took me to back roads and abandoned alleys but now I can say it took me to sunny Jamaica!

Travel kind of makes me a crazy person - especially international travel - but two short flights from good ole Oklahoma and next thing I know I'm in Jamaica Mon! 

After arriving and checking in we took a little lap around the resort and had some of the best pizza ever. The next day was all about sun and relaxing - we even got some kayaking and snorkeling in! Before I knew it Saturday had arrived and it was wedding time. Sunday was spent decompressing and visiting the "craft market" in Ochie and soaking it all in on our last day.

I have heard so many opinions on Jamaica but seeing it for myself really changed how I viewed this island. Everyone was so friendly and never once did I feel "unsafe" in Jamaica. I will tell you that Jamaican men will flirt with a box of rocks - so bring your swatting stick to bat them off 

The resort peacock!
Below are pictures from the craft market - a shanty village of sorts

The streets of Ochie 

We are already planning our next trip back to this gorgeous island! 
Thank you Jamaica for the amazing experience

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Baby Alex

The first picture in this post gets me. Those eyes - such an itty bitty baby and already so focused. Alex is such a cutie and did so well for his pictures - his doggy siblings were so interested and he managed to sleep anyways. 

That red hair - those baby smiles - swoon!